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ACTNews, BOGOR – In an effort to expand the benefits of the Waqf Shop, Global Wakaf initiated a similar program that could reach more beneficiaries throughout Indonesia. The name of the program is Mobile Waqf Shop, a truck that is modified into a portable shop.

On Thursday (5/3), the construction of the Mobile Waqf Shop reached its final phase, as told by Rahman Hidayat, the Person-in-Charge of the production in Indraprasta Mulia Teknik, a coachbuilder that builds the Mobile Waqf Shop.

“The construction has reached 80% in approximately 25 working days. Now the truck is being painted,” said Hidayat, Thursday (5/3).

Hidayat added that the time needed to build the truck that is able to carry 5 tons of load can reach up to 60 days. However, because it is slated to start operating in Ramadan, the coachbuilder plans that the Mobile Waqf Shop will be finished in 34 days.

This new innovation from Global Wakaf is a development of the Waqf Shop program. Unlike ordinary Waqf Shops, Mobile Waqf Shop will be able to visit many places in order to also introduce waqf to the wider society.

“Mobile Waqf Shop is an innovation in the utilization of cash waqf as a productive waqf in the form of mobile shop asset,” said Rizky Wihardi, Director of Global Wakaf’s Strategic Development.

Additionally, with this new concept of Waqf Shop that enables it to move from one place to another. Starting with Greater Jakarta and surrounding cities, Wihardi hoped that the Mobile Waqf Shop will visit many more areas throughout Indonesia.

Wihardi added that the revenue from the sales of the items in the Mobilw Waqf Shop will be used to support the needy. “Such as disaster victims, for instance, or impoverished families. It can also be used to help those who need financial aid for their medical treatments as well as to give scholarships for the poor students,” he said.

Therefore, he hoped that more people will be inspired to participate, especially after knowing about productive waqf that has been initiated.

“Through this program, Global Wakaf hopes that the society will know about waqf easily, they will participate in endowing their cash waqf to bring more waqf benefits,” said Wihardi. []