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ACTNews, LEBAK – For years, clean water scarcity had been one of the most difficult problems in Kampung Ciomas, Sindangsari Village, Sajira Sub-district, Lebak Regency. Usually, during dry season, the river from which the locals draw water dries out. The water volume rapidly decreases. During long drought, the river will completely dry out.

When the river dries out completely, the locals had to spend some money to buy some clean water. Ina, a resident of Kampung Ciomas, said that she used to buy four to six gallons of drinking water for a week.

Ina (right) had to buy gallons of clean water every time Ciomas is affected by drought

“The water is used for laundry, cooking and drinking. Each gallon costs IDR 6,000,” said Ina. She has to spend IDR 36,000 a week to provide water for her family.   

“Now we no longer have to buy clean water,” said Ina. Along with other villagers, she now uses the water from the Waqf Well near Hidayah Al-Mukarromah Mosque.

The Waqf Well was funded by the waqf donors who wished to solve clean water crisis in Kampung Ciomas in Sendangsari Village. Since its construction in 2017, the Waqf Well has provided clean water for the residents of Kampung Ciomas to this day.

Built in 2017, the Waqf Well provides clean water for the residents of Kampung Ciomas

The Waqf Well, according to Ina, has facilitated the locals to get fresh water, especially for the worshippers whose houses are located far from the mosque.

“Before the Waqf Well was built, it was difficult for us to make wudu. Now, we can make wudu here and get clean water when Islamic classes are held,” said Ina.

The water from the Waqf Well is also used by the locals for community activities. Saadah, the leader of the Islamic study circle in the village, mentioned how the Waqf Well has benefitted the members of her study circle.

Hidayah Al-Mukarromah Mosque Where the Locals Pray and Study Islam

“I am happy for the construction of the Waqf Well around here. The pre-school children learn the Quran here every afternoon. When they need to use the restroom or make wudu, they used to go to the river accompanied by adults. Now they no longer have to go to the river,” said Saadah.

Her Islamic study circle regularly holds a weekly meeting each Wednesday night in a hall beside the mosque. The ladies, too, had to go to the river in the darkness of the night if they had to go to the restroom. With the Waqf Well, they no longer have to walk a long way.

“I am grateful, Alhamdulillah, and I thank Global Wakaf for building the public restrooms that can be used by the children and the villagers in general,” said Saadah.

A corner in Kampung Ciomas, Sindangsari Village, Sajira Sub-District, Lebak Regency

At the moment, the electricity of water pump of the Waqf Well in Ciomas Village is paid for by one of the locals. They donate for the maintenance expenses to make sure that the Waqf Well can continue benefitting them. “Even the children sometimes donate IDR 2,000,” added Saadah.

She hoped that the supporting facilities of the Waqf Well can be further developed to expand its benefits. []