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ACTNews, PALEMBANG – Mekarsari Village is a Village located in Gandus Sub-District, Palembang. Despite being part of Palembang City, this Village is located in the suburb near the border of Banyuasin. Clean water is scarce in this village. The only water source available is the brackish water from the swamp that is not suitable for drinking. The water from the Regional Drinking Water Company (PDAM) does not reach the village, making clean water a luxury for the locals.

The generosity of the waqf endowers has finally alleviate the problem in Mekarsari Village. Through Global Wakaf South Sumatera, Irfan Aulia and other Waqf endowers provided a water-well that can be used by Mekarsari villagers. The waqf well was dug in February, and the facility for the locals to perform wudu was built along with it.

Located near Al-Hidayah Mosque, the 65-meter-deep well becomes a source of clear and fresh water that is used not only by the worshippers in the mosque, but also by the villagers in general.

A local Mekarsari villager eagerly washed the walls of the wudu facility using the clean water from the well. The locals were very enthusiastic and grateful for the waqf well that was officially opened on Friday (4/5).

“Alhamdulillah, after this waqf well was built, hopefully the locals will help maintaining the well and the supporting facilities so that they can continue bringing immense benefits,” said Elly Sumantri of Global Wakaf South Sulawesi.

During the opening ceremony, 68 food supply packages were distributed to 68 families in Mekarsari Village.

Samsul Bahri, one of the local villagers in Mekarsari expressed his gratefulness to Global Wakaf South Sumatera and the endowers for providing water well to the worshippers in Al-Hidayah Mosque. “May each drop of water that flows be rewarded with everlasting rewards for the endowers and the team from Global Wakaf. []