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ACTNews, SOLOK – The residents of Lipek Pageh Village in Lembah Suganti Sub-District, Solok Regency, could finally breathed a sigh of relief. The village who used to suffer from water crisis now can smile after Global Wakaf dug a waqf well in their village. The well was launched on Friday (3/22) in Darul Muttaqin mosque.

The water in the mosque could not flow during prayer times. “But now, Alhamdulillah, the water flows profusely, benefitting not only the worshippers but also the villagers in general. The taps were installed outside the restrooms. Please send our best regards to Global Wakaf – ACT,” said the locals to Aan Saputra, Head of Program Department of Global Wakaf.

Saputra added that the residents of Lipek Pageh Village previously relied on two clean water sources: the spring from the peak of Lipek Pageh Hill, and the water taps from Darul Muttaqin Mosque. Buut these water sources only have limited amount of clean water.  

“The people used to use jerry cans that they use to store oil to take the water on the hill. The water from the mosque which we renovated was also scarce. It can only be flowed through one tap. Sometimes the water did not flow at all,” said Saputra.

It was difficult for the locals to get clean water. One of them was Sartini, a lady who used to walk for 500 meters from her house to the hill just to get clean water. With this waqf-well, Sartini who suffers from stroke can get clean water easily.

“It’s still quite far from my house, but I can use it although I am now weakened. I’m happy to see the waqf well dug in our village because one of the main problems in Lembah Gumanti sub-district is clean water crisis,” said Sartini.

The locals welcomed the construction of the waqf well warmly. They worked together to construct the well. “Alhamdulillah, there were no obstacles. The locals work together in unison to build the well,” said Saputra. []