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Why do Waqf?

Waqf is Prosperous & Empowering

"Every day, our brothers and sisters thrive to escape the shackles of poverty, dealing with health issues, sanity, and lack of clean water, up to housing and providing a better livelihood."

Waqf Tunai or in Cash, is an optional way to diminish a few of these problems. The nature of Waqf Tunai is liquid, hence; rapidly distributed to our brothers and sisters who needs it the most. Waqf will be an economic strength that will be prosperous and empowering mankind.
This is our best business with Allah SWT: which will immortalize wealth, giving in return multiple merit of morale, becoming a source of benefits for the people. These benefit of waqf will bring a smile on their faces, and we will give back their valence and dignity as a human being.

Why Give Waqf

History records that waqf is the driving force of civilization. Waqf distributes and perpetuates the benefits of wealth and turns it into productive and useful assets for the benefit of the people in the fields of economy, education, health, and even national security.

The legendary story of Utsman bin Affan bin Abul Ash is an example of how waqf could provide sustainable benefits. He bought a well worthed 20 thousand dirhams or the equivalent of 1 billion rupiah from a Jew in Medina. Previously, the Jews monopolized the wells and sold water at a high price. Once Ustman purchased the well, he donateed it so that everyone in the city of Medina, including the said Jews, could use it for free. The water from the well was such an asset that drove the life and activities in Medina at the time.

In the field of education, waqf has given birth to thousands of scholars. Imam Ghazali was one of the scholars who was born from the utilization of the waqffunds donated. Another example has been Al-Azhar institute in Cairo, which became the most phenomenal waqf in Islamic history after tabi'uuttabi'in until now. This educational institution has, for more than 1,000 years, been consistently developing education facilities and infrastructure whose fundings are all from waqf.

The role of waqf is so great and central in building the Islamic civilization. Not only does waqf distribute benefits but also disseminate a sense of justice for a more prosperous and dignified life.

At the individual levels, waqf teaches us to be helpful figures who could be solutions for the people. Waqfwil motivate us all to compete in goodness (fastabiqulkhairat). By means of fastabiqulkhairat, Islam will again be able to build the best civilization on earth, God willing.


Powerful and Empowering

Unlike alms that should be distributed immediately; waqf, on the other hand can be developed to be more productive. Aside from being a religious service form to God, waqf can also have a social function. In its function as a religious service, waqf shall give sustainable rewards for as long as it is benefitting. As for social functions, if managed properly, waqf can be a way to evenly distribute welfare among the people and eliminate poverty in a country.

Waqf can also support the activities and development in the fields of economic, religious, social, cultural, and even the country's defense. In various well-governed countries, waqf becomes one of the economic powers to improve people's welfare.

Nowadays, poverty and unemployment issues remain unresolved. This certainly isn't the responsibility of the state solely; instead, it also belongs to those capable. Cash Waqf and Waqf of Cash can be long-term solutions to the above problems. The utilization of waqf for productive economy will provide employments, produce new powerful entrepreneurs whom ultimately empower the people around him. With the concept of productive economy, economic equality and prosperity for the people will be achieved sooner.


The Rise of the People’s Economy

As one of the countries with the largest number of Muslims, waqf is both an enormous potential and asset that can be utilized to help tens of millions of Indonesian people still living below the poverty line and are not covered by the social security system available today. Moreover, economic analysts say that the  intensification collection of Cash Waqf and Waqf by Cash accumulatively can help reduce the nation’s burden and dependence on foreign debt.

If people have eagerness and awareness of waqf, it can grow and become a culture among Indonesian Muslims, then this will be the beginning of an economic revival for the people, to become a new force to grow prosperity through the distribution of economic potential in society.


Benefits and Sustainable Goodness

Waqf is a Maliyah religious service that has great potential to be developed. Even though a wealth waqf has a fixed value; however, the results from the waqf always gives benefits from time to time. Consequently, it is urgent to have a professional management system so that the benefits of waqf continue to multiply.

The potential magnitude of waqf in Indonesia is in line with the large number of Muslims in Indonesia. The efforts to refresh waqf that are well-educated allow the number of Muslims giving waqf to increase rapidly so that in the future,waqf is no longer in the forms of a grave or alotted lands.

No doubt if within the next few years, tens of thousands of hectares of productive lands, thousands of hospitals, schools, and various Islamic economic activities run through the productive waqf as a tradition implemented by Prophet's Sahabahs 1,400 years ago.



Rewarding Multiple Times, Quickly Beneficial

Do you Know? If 100 million from 204 million Muslims in Indonesia participated does wakaf in in cash with an average of Rp 100.000 per month. The amount of waqf collected in one month will reach up to 10 trillion; Rp 120 trillion in one year. And If the proceedings only amounted to 50 percent, the nominal of waqf collected can reach up to Rp 60 trillion in just one year.

It is time to do Waqf in Cash, so the funds can be beneficial, giving you the sense of never ending righteousness.

Waqf in Cash

Waqf in cash is a waqf program that can be done individually, as a group, institutionally or done by legal entities in the form of cash. Items related to money are; valuable papers such as unit of accounts (shares) and check.

Your funds from doing Waqf in Cash will be invested for businesses or productive assets, the profit will be used for development programs for those who are in need and affected by natural or social disasters.

Convenience And Practical

Don’t wait to have assets to do waqf. With Waqf in Cash, you can participate in waqf according to your needs and capabilities. There are a wide variety of waqf you can choose from with various ways of payment, in safely and convenient manner.

All you need to do is apply once before doing waqf. And by applying you will receive update reports of your funds each month, information and news about Global waqf program. You will also receive invitations to participate in various social and humanitarian activities that we organize.

Waqf is just a click away. Your wealth will be immortalized and will provide you with over flowing of benefits. God Willing.

Fast And Beneficial

Waqf funds we receive will be allocated to help for those who are in need, and people affected by natural or social disasters. Your funds will also contribute in developing fields such as education, health, building infrastructures, up to the development of a productive economy in Indonesia. With Global Waqf, if God is Willing your funds will be beneficial to our brothers and sisters who needs it the most. Waqf today!


for Continuous Benefits

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Let’s do Waqf!

By doing Waqaf in Cash, now anyone can do waqf. Enjoy the easy steps of Wakaf Tunai with variety ways of payment to your convenience.

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